And it has started…

Well... exams start. Need to study and get good marks... else my parents will delete my account. I know it will be sad if that actually happens... But I will try my best. I wish everyone out there having exams to concentrate. I hope this wont be my last post.

Woo Hooo!!!

In the middle of exams, a notification comes, I got 200 followers! Thank you each and everyone for this feeling of achievement. This was what I needed to release the stress of exams. I don't have any words to explain how happy I am. Thank you all for this support. “Gratitude is one of the …

1 Year has passed…

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I know i stopped blogging but now i need to make a fresh start. I am very grateful to all who are still supporting me. Thank you.

I think

These days we are stuck at our homes in this lock down. we need to be productive and that is the reason I am thinking to starting blogging once again. This journey may end soon as my school may start online. Still I would try to blog and give you some entertaining content.

Saving Our Earth

These day I have been searching a lot on google. I stumbled across this really good company known as biomize. This company has been working on biodegradable cutlery. I think you all should also visit this site.

New bloggers announcement

Hey everyone there are new bloggers on WordPress. I have made them my friends by now. These people are Aviraj jain and thebest0210. thebest0210 has another site named as tasty bruh. Unusual name bro 😅. I hope that you write more posts in the future.