I think

These days we are stuck at our homes in this lock down. we need to be productive and that is the reason I am thinking to starting blogging once again. This journey may end soon as my school may start online. Still I would try to blog and give you some entertaining content.

Saving Our Earth

These day I have been searching a lot on google. I stumbled across this really good company known as biomize. This company has been working on biodegradable cutlery. I think you all should also visit this site.

New bloggers announcement

Hey everyone there are new bloggers on WordPress. I have made them my friends by now. These people are Aviraj jain and thebest0210. thebest0210 has another site named as tasty bruh. Unusual name bro 😅. I hope that you write more posts in the future.

Surprise! Surprise!!

Hello everybody, I am back! These days I am not finding enough time for blogging so I don’t think that now I am going to blog. Well today I was surprised when I got to know that my English teacher is a blogger on WordPress! It is a surprise for a schoolboy to get to …

Help me!!

A blood-shedding fight between me and Numansh Mookim, William Johnson and Scott Rainer. He is targeting one innocent person Showdonttell. He must be spreading rumours which are immensely large. I don’t feel safe in his presence, and he is bullying me and doing cybercrime. I know he don’t have any social etiquette but at least some decorum …

The lights flickered

As I was walking down the street, the street lights flickered and created an eerie setting. The moon and the stars, warmly nested in the adorable sky, whose beauty is hunted by the celestial objects. The moonlit doors of the houses were all locked, and was just reflecting back them. It felt as if I …

Rainbows Without Rains

We all have heard of the beauty of auroras. Many of us have even seen them! Well if you seen them you know how the look. It's like magic of beauty. But the auroras form when charged particles emitted from the sun during a solar flare penetrate the earth's magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules …