January 18

It has been said than people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. Build a bridge by reaching out to and connecting with another. It's worth the effort and it brings warmth, friendship, and love into your life.

January 16

Success starts in the mind. If you want to be successful in any area, train your mind to look beyond obstacles, disappointments, setbacks, and even failures. A successful life starts with a successful attitude.

Sorry for the absence

Sorry everyone for my absence of last week. I was traveling and the internet connection was very bad. I couldn't post and was unable to share the thoughts. Here is today's thought Your expression is your billboard by the highway of life. It is your first means of unspoken communication, and your most powerful "advertisement".

January 2nd

Warm up for the year ahead like an athlete would warm up for a competition. Start gently with small movements, increasing the intensity as you go. You will last longer and get farther that way than if you take off running at full speed.