Help me!!

A blood-shedding fight between me and Numansh Mookim, William Johnson and Scott Rainer.

He is targeting one innocent person Showdonttell. He must be spreading rumours which are immensely large. I don’t feel safe in his presence, and he is bullying me and doing cybercrime. I know he don’t have any social etiquette but at least some decorum must be needed to follow. If you are following him, then please unfollow them and join my alliance. I hope you will support me.

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Comment if you want to join my alliance

17 Replies to “Help me!!”

    1. I don’t have the access to your blog! I swear I don’t have it. Crushergrub wrote this and I don’t know why. You are my inspiration and I would never write anything bad for you. Even if I had the access to your blog I wound never remove your followers. I would like to apologize from his side that you felt bad.

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  1. I think, that you should worry, who talking what, people are clever enough to dont listen nonsense and to dont enter in to pointless arguments, i believe that if you ignore it will stop:)


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